Gwynn's HOF ceremony at Petco

Today Dex and I headed down to see Tony the Gwynn accept and react to becoming the newest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It was a great day and a great turn out.

We got down there at 11am.  The event was to start at 12:30pm; I don't know what it is about Gaslamp Ballers and having no idea what time anything starts.  Turns out it didn't start until 1pm.  So we headed over to Quiznos to kill some time.

Once we got we got back to the ballpark we chatted with Pad Squaders Vanessa and Dave and Gaslamp Baller RevRun and Baseball Gal.  Got some real good insider information from the Pad Squadders, these so-called "Ambassadors to Baseball".  Vanessa offered me sun tan lotion, but I declined.  I wish I had reconsidered because now I'm red as a lobster.  They were real nice and helped pass the time away... so much time to kill.  They also gave us these sticks of dynamite to wave around and shoot out confetti.  

Tony then went on to speak, he got real choked up.  I must admit I did a little too.  Tony spoke about the "Singles Club".  About guys like Boggs, Puckit and now Ichiro.  About a secret handshake.  That was my favorite part.  I wonder what that handshake is?
The one thing that did bother me about Tony was that there were about seven of us who waited around for an autograph and he didn't stop by.  I'm sure he is busy and all, but come on now.

Not to worry I spotted Leitner..."Hey Teddy!"  I yelled.  He quickly came over and put his arm around me like we were old friends.  I know a lot of people don't like Ted, but I think he is the best a lot better than Vasgersian. Real muscular too.

To top off the afternoon I scored a sweet Chargers Mug.  They were passing out limited posters of Tony that I used to trade with some real old guy who owns the sports souvenir store next to Petco.  I was like "You want this poster?"
He was "Yeah I do."
"Can I get something for it, like a mug?"
He tosses me this real cheap plastic cup.
"No. No. No.  How about this Charger Mug?"
"Fine take the Mug."
It was awesome!

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