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I hope this isn't the beginning of something else

We've all read about Peavy getting arrested now and even though this is probably a non-story, it worries me a little. We all know that Peavy is a hot head, but something like this feels like it could be an indicator that he's a prick as well.

Towers sounds like he's downplaying this, but think about the sequence of events. Peavy's at the airport. An officer asks him to move his car because he's double parked or something and Peavy flat out refuses.

"Oh what, I was doing something illegal, officer? I'll just pay the ticket. That's how rich I am and how little I care about your stupid laws. I'm famous."

Think about how much of a bitch it is to get in and out of the airport. Then think of all the pricks who don't bother paying attention to anything around them, thereby making it even more of a bitch to navigate.

Then think about people who flat out refuse to abide by rules and laws because they feel that they make enough money that they're better than you and can buy their way out of inconvenient situations.

And that's about the part where you're thinking about Jake Peavy.

Shame on you, Jake Peavy! You're not above the law!