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The NC Times had a point/counterpoint on their site recently. The topic... Are the Padres having a good offseason?


Talk is cheap, but the Padres are more so. Their token big-money signing this offseason was Greg Maddux ---- Methuselah in cleats. Maddux is so old his glove is made of genuine brontosaurus hide. He is a Hall of Famer on his farewell tour. A walking, talking wax statue. Eye candy for the fans, but at best a No. 4 starter. Whoopee.
The Padres are wise to keep their purse strings tight and their face out of that candy-coated offseason feeding trough.

Irresponsibility isn't the golden ticket for success.
That counterpoint was of course written by comparing GMs in the division to kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.