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Free Agent Former Padres trying to find some work

Young, several others, still seek an opportunity

This is an interesting article.  It talks about the other side of the coin.  You almost never hear about the guys that are still looking for employment in the major leagues.  All the front page stories are about the elite players who have locked up their hundreds of millions of dollars back in November.

This article is especially interesting because just about every player mentioned is a former Padre.  Eric Young, Phil Nevin, Steve Finley, Mark Loretta, Mike Piazza and quotes from Kevin Towers.

Nevin, who has never lacked for self-confidence, is discovering that life as an afterthought can be a real pride buster. When his friends recently gathered to celebrate his 36th birthday, Nevin's uncertain job status was the proverbial elephant in the room. One party guest, in an attempt to lighten the mood, joked that he's going to buy Nevin the book, "Unemployment Forms for Dummies'' to help him weather the ordeal.

"We all feel terribly that Phil's in this situation right now,'' Axelrod said. "Everybody was encouraging him and pumping him up and saying, 'Hey, something is going to open up.'''

On one hand it's hard to feel sorry for Nevin, he has such a poor attitude, but I don't want to have to put him on Suicide Watch again either.

"Going through the drills, you wonder, 'Is this all for naught? Is it worthless because I don't have a job?' But from a baseball standpoint, I want to be ready if a team calls. I don't want to go to spring training and fall on my face. That's what keeps me going."
-- Eric Young

In other news:
Gaslamp Baller Kevin tells me that Chan Ho Park has fired his agent.