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Friar Fest 2007 Pictures

Here's pictures of the weight room and the clubhouse.  The Giles brothers are the lockers closest to you.

Linebrink has a Ram's head hanging over his locker.  The only animal in Hensley's locker is the odor, seriously dude, get some Febreze.

On the left, those aren't battleships they are size 15 sandals owned by Chris Young.  Update [2007-2-1 18:31:5 by jbox]:I was wrong about Clay's shoe size Clay Hensley's sandals are on the right, a size 11.  I'm just glad we didn't have to see Chris Young's jock strap.  It probably has it's own locker.

Speaking of jock straps... on left you've got David Well's jock straps labeled "33 Wells", but they are hanging with #16's jocks.  Is Well's wearing somebody else's jock?  Gross.  Who's #16?  Sucks to be you dude.  On the right, those are Blum's delicates.

Peavy doesn't drink Gatorade!  

Kev leading off of first base and pitching in the visitor's bullpen.

This kid fell out of his stroller and slid into 2nd base.  Glenn Hoffman gives me a dirty look.