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Invitation to Towers/Bavasi-hosted Pads/M's ST game March 3

Hey there, Jonah Keri here, formerly of Baseball Prospectus, now of

I sent you a note last year on an event I was hosting in Peoria, AZ, with Kevin Towers and Bill Bavasi as guest speakers:

Well, we're doing it again this year. Here are the details for this year's event. If you can post it at Gaslamp, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

Come on out to sunny Peoria and meet two major league GMs March 3rd. Seattle Mariners GM Bill Bavasi and San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers will talk and take questions from fans for a good 45 minutes, before seeing the two interleague rivals face off in a fierce spring training game at the Peoria Sports Complex. Afterwards, you can buy a signed copy of the newly updated, paperback version of Baseball Prospectus' Baseball Between the Numbers and chat with editor/co-author Jonah Keri or receive some kind of The Cheater's Guide to Baseball promotional item from USSM author Derek Zumsteg. Game time is 12:05 p.m., and guests should plan to arrive NO LATER than 11 a.m. for pre-game festivities, to be held in the section where we'll be sitting.

Cost is $21, which includes your ticket to the game and the money we have to pay TicketMaster to mail them to us so we can distribute them early.

RSVP by emailing to Please specify your full name and how many tickets you need. To ensure that we can secure/order a group of tickets all together, deadline to RSVP and pay for tickets will be Friday, Feb. 9. Once we've confirmed your RSVP by email, you can PayPal the funds, by no later than Friday, Feb. 9, to: