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Friar Fest

Kev and I headed down to Petco Park today for the second annual Friar Fest.  We have a bunch of pictures but those will have to wait until Monday.  It was almost the same as last year's, only a few things were missing, the most important "the energy".  

Last year they interviewed Padres Players, Channel 4 Celebrities and Front Office Types over the P.A. system and on the jumbo tron.  It was great just to sit there for a few and listen to these guys talk about the upcoming season.  It also was a way for you to get up close to some of your favorite players.  This year I didn't see any players.  Sure I could have waited in line for an autograph, but it wasn't worth the effort in my opinion.

We started off by going directly into the club house.  They limited the areas that you can walk, but Kev and I were still able to spot empty champagne bottles in Peavy's locker, a sheep's head on top of Linebrink's and multiple jock straps hanging in Blum's locker.  You'll also be happy to hear that the Giles Brother's have lockers right next to each other.  Adrian Gonzalez right on the other side, poor guy.

Before we knew it we exited the club house and entered the dug out.  We took the necessary pictures of us making calls to the bullpen.  We then circled the bases and waited in line to throw in the bullpen.  Kev thought it would have been a great idea to do the "pop fly payoff" in the outfield.  That's where they use the pitching machines to shoot pop flies to the fans in the outfield.  They really didn't want fans on the grass though.  There must be some way, maybe throw out some astro turf or something.

We headed around the warning path and into park in the park.  They had few kids games but not too much else.

Back inside the park I had a run in with Fraken Friar and Pad Squad Kara (Cara?) that was frightening, but I'll share that experience when I get my pictures loaded.

We walked to the garage sale of old uniforms and equipment. Anybody else notice the B.O. funk coming from the baseball pants area?  Pretty cool stuff, but nothing we felt like buying.  I'd like to get some baseball pants from the '76 uniforms but I couldn't find any that would fit my thin frame.  

Concluding our loop of the stadium we saw the promotions for next season.  My favorites were "the t-shirt designed by fans", Padres Duncan Yo-yo, and the hippie foot bags.  The opening day hat looks pretty cool too.  Starting February 16th you'll be able to enter an idea for the giveaway t-shirt that will be handed out on August 31.

We did see Glenn Hoffman being interviewed at the XX radio booth, but didn't stick around to see what he had to say.

We didn't run into any Gaslamp Ballers and I only saw three Pad Squadders which was a shame.  

It was still fun, just very mellow.  I hope next year they will get us amped up again.