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Tony the Gwynn must know Dodger Fan by smell

Otherwise, why would he be such a jerk to this autograph seeker?

Once I got to Tony, I said "Hey Tony" and gave him a bat for him to sign and politely asked him "Do you mind putting H.O.F. 2007?" He looked at me angry and replied quickly "Yes I do mind putting that!!" I was surprised by his reaction but stayed calm and told him "Oh ok Tony, no problem" Then he grabs the bat and starts to take some swings at it and talks to himself about how terrible this bat is and how funny collectors are about getting autographs.
Giving Dodger Fan the benefit of the doubt, this sort of story doesn't surprise me. I've heard very similar things about Gwynn when people ask him for autographs and the like. He didn't even bother walking over when Jonny Dub and I were looking for an autograph at his HoF pres conference. The one time I was on an elevator with him, I didn't bother asking for an autograph and instead played it cool by wetting myself. He was much cooler about that than he was to Dodger Fan.

P.S. Be sure to check out the full post. The photo is really funny. Like, "Next! Outta my way, Dodger Fan. You smell."

[Link from San Diego Padres Mom]