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I guess people still crush on Mike Piazza

What would you do to meet your favorite baseball player? Even better, what would you be willing to give up to meet your favorite player? A Mets fan was so intent on meeting Mike Piazza last season that he forged some press credentials and snuck into Shea Stadium. He gave up home games for three years. From ESPN:

Leli forged a press pass to get into the visiting clubhouse last season in order to interview Mike Piazza , the former Mets catcher who played for the Padres in 2006. Leli's questions and request for a picture with Piazza got him ejected from the clubhouse.
I wonder what questions this kid asked that got him thrown out. Here's a tip for you impersonators... You're savvy enough to make it into the clubhouse. You're there with Mike Piazza. You've made it. Don't go effing it up by getting all Stan on the guy.

Piazza: Yeah next question.
You: Did you know that I have a tattoo with your name across my chest?
Piazza: Hey ummm. What did you say, bro?
You: P.S. We should be together too.

And then in the clubhouse with all those players and reporters around, don't ask for a picture with the guy. Especially, after you've already gone psycho fan on him.

"Hey, Dave Roberts! Hey take my picture with Piazza! We're BFF! It's f_ckin' Mike Piazza, dude!"

Finally, if they kick you out once...
He was arrested a week later when he tried to use the pass to enter the press entrance for a game against the Rockies.
Nice job, guy. Though I guess being forced away from Shea Stadium for three years may not necessarily be considered punishment for some people.