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Pads Winter Warm up

Gaslamp Baller Staticgo gives us a nice little write up of tonights event.  Thanks Staticgo.

Just got back from the Temecula Padres Winter Warmup.  Pretty cool event.  Free drinks and snacks beforehand.  Also free Storm opening day tickets.  Inside the theatre they had a panel set up hosted by the Storm play by play guy.  On the panel was Randy Jones, Scott Strickland, Tim Stauffer, Paul Mcanulty, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ryan Ketchner, Clay Hensley, and Justin Hampson.

They had a couple video of mostly 06 highlights and the other feature the padres complex being built in the Dominican Republic.  The host talked to each of the players then let the audience ask questions.  After the Q&A they raffled a Hoffy autographed ball, a Hensley autographed ball, and a chance for a kid to be the "play ball" kid at the game.   After that, they let the kids line up and get autographs.

Pretty fun event, though.  Its always cool listening to Randy Jones' stories about the old days.  He even jokingly call Flan a "traitor".  It was pretty funny.  Anyways, i attached the flyer showing the rest of the dates.  Not sure if it will be the same group.  I wonder if the Giles Bros will make an appearance at the Granite Hills warm up.