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The Linkery, Wells, Meatloaf and Morgigno

A few days ago I was reading Gaslamp Baller Jay's blog about his restaurant The Linkery.  He made an announcement that the Linkery Meatloaf had returned. Those that don't know me, know this... I love meat loaf.

Dex and I decided it had been too long since we had been to the Linkery and that we needed to try the meatloaf before it disappeared again next week.

The Linkery has become very popular since our last visit and with good reason.  As we waited for a seat at the bar I notice a familiar face looking over the wine list.  It was none other then Dennis "Papa" Morgigno the Station Manager of Channel 4 San Diego.  I tell him that I'm a big fan and we introduce ourselves.  It turns out this is where the Padres elite (Dex, jbox and Morgigno) dine on a Friday night.  Morgigno is free to have a quiet candle light dinner with his special lady friend when Dex receives a text message on his phone alerting us to the fact that David Wells has signed with the Padres.  Our third consecutive NL West title is certain now and we celebrate.  Dex and I order the meatloaf and Jess the Sausage Tacos.

Meatloaf of beef (Brandt Farms, Brawley, CA), natural pork, garlic, squash, and zucchini served with goat-cheese-mashed grilled potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, and fresh spinach in oil & vinegar 13.5

The meatloaf is a delight, quite possibly the best I've ever had.  As Dex comments to me, "... you don't even have to chew, it melts in your mouth". Just like David Wells.

The moral of this story is that every time I talk about meatloaf we end up signing David Wells.