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Padres New Years Resolutions

Here's a list of my Padres Baseball New Years Resolutions:

  1.  Travel with the team a little bit.  I really want to see the Padres play in Phone Company Ballpark in SF.  Maybe hit up some Spring Training games.
  2.  Go to every "Business Man Special" afternoon game.  
  3.  Boycott Ballpark food! Unless I'm really hungry.
  4.  Finally get over the fact that Argy Stathopulos isn't coming back.  Ever. :(
  5.  Get One-on-One with Jane Mitchell. ;)
  6.  Be a little bit nicer to Vasgersian, but only a little bit.
  7.  Block a Pad Squad T-Shirt launch like a football player blocking a field goal kick.
  8.  Find out what makes Weisbarth so irresistible to the ladies, bottle it, and sell it at the Padres store.
Okay eight is enough, I can't think of another two. Let's hear yours.