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Open Thread: Ticket Baggin'

We've already talked about the ballparks we've bagged as Padres fans.  Now what games have you attended that were important in franchise history.  I'll leave it up to you to judge how important they are.

Here's mine:

  • 1996 Last game of the season, Padres beat the Dodgers in LA to win the NL West
  • 1998 NLDS:  Sterling Hitchcock beats Randy Johnson.  Padres headed to NLCS.
  • 2001 Tony Gwynn's last game (Rickey's 3000th hit)
  • 2001 Rickey Henderson breaks Babe Ruth's walk record
  • 2003 Last Game at Qualcomm Stadium
  • 2004 First Game at Petco Park
  • 2006 Peavy breaks the Padres single game strike out record
  • 2006 Mike Piazza's 400th Home Run
  • 2006 Trevor tying the All Time Saves Record