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Have you ever gone to a baseball game alone?

I've done it twice.  Once in 2001 season I had just left my job and went to a day game at Qualcomm Stadium.  I had just about the entire right field bleacher section to myself.  Just Gwynn and I out there.  I took a pair of headphones, listened to Jerry and Ted and stretched out over about 3 seats.  Beautiful sunny day, it was great.

The second time was this past year.  I missed opening day since I was in Florida.  I left the airport and went straight to the second game of the season.  I couldn't wait any longer for baseball to start.  I went alone but ended up running into some friends, so it almost doesn't count.

Jonny Dub is going to Opening Day this year by himself. He's a little nervous. He was only able to buy one Park Pass this year. Who wants to be his friend? You have to buy him a hot dog, a beer and then make sure he doesn't do anything crazy.