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Wells offer, Lawrence offer and Walker headed to arbitration

Just when you thought Brian Lawrence was going to the Rockies he picks up another three offers.  Baseball teams love their veterans.  They don't care how old and feeble they have become, they'll take a veteran over a strapping young rookie any day.  I'm not really sure what to say of us attempting to get B-Law again.  I guess Towers thought we needed another hard luck pitcher.  Wells and Peavy aren't enough?


In another development, the Padres have offered a minor league contract to former Padres pitcher Brian Lawrence, who missed all of last season following shoulder surgery.

It was mentioned in the comments yesterday that Todd Walker wants $4 Million and it looks like they are headed to arbitration since that is a full one million dollar difference from his offer.

Also, Towers hopes to get an answer from Wells by the end of the week.  I'm not sure what Towers is going to do with his day if Wells signs.  It seems like Towers and Wells have been negotiating since the end of the season and it still takes them forever to strike a deal.

"From everything I gather, David wants to pitch for us," Towers said yesterday. "We've made him a contract proposal. All that remains is the answer.