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The new Baseball Prospectus PECOTA forecasts went up yesterday. The first thing I looked up was to just confirm for me that yes, PECOTA does forecast Brooks Conrad as having a much more productive season than Chris Burke and Craig Biggio. And then I looked up some Padres.

I'll just give you some teaser info because you kinda gotta be a subscriber to get to the rest of this stuff, but let's break something down.

Actually... Better idea... You tell me what you want me to break down. Know that it will be limited to a comparison of about five players, but that's about perfect for a rundown of our pitching staff, a comparison of aces in the NL West, a breakdown of our outfield. You name it.

Also, to you other BP subscribers, don't try to go go around posting the PECOTA predictions in the diaries, cause I'll just take them down. We can do sampler stuff, but we gotta figure out what we want to look at without doing anything that would get us busted.

Two nerd posts in a row. We are f_ckin' on.