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Marcus Giles detained for throwing down, yo

I've been a little cool towards Marcus Giles since he arrived, but I've just found a reason for him to potentially be my favorite Padre this season. The UT is reporting that Marcus was involved in a fight at the Charger/Patriot game.

Giles, 28, was given the option of returning after being detained but chose to leave, said San Diego Police Lt. Dan Christman. Giles does not face charges for the incident.

Christman said Giles and a friend were involved in a fight with at least one other person, who slipped away before being caught.
In my mind, I like to believe that McGilly was in the face of some punkass Patriots fan and that Marcus managed to smack the dude around before Patriot Fan slinked off into the night to masturbate to photos of Belichick.

I'm sorry. That was really mean... I must still be bitter.