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Party Girls see Barry Bonds in Las Vegas

OMG you guys!  We were totally partying at the Palms Casino on Saturday night.  Some random guy asked us if we wanted to go to his VIP section because we looked like Party Girls! LOL!  I guess we totally are!  We went up to the night club "Moon" and they sat us next to Eddie Murphy's table.  He was with a girl and it totally wasn't his Baby's Mama "Scary Spice".  Guess who else was at his table?  Barry Bonds!  We were like 5 feet from him.  Barry was just sitting there and he wasn't even dancing or anything. Boo! He had big security guards all around him (but I think they were Eddie's) and they wouldn't even let us take pictures in his general direction.  We totally would have gotten our picture with him and put it on MySpace! LOL! Are you totally jealous or what? LOL!