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Tony the Gwynn on Letterman

Tony the Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. did Letterman's Top 10 List. The Gwynn is big time! First QVC and now, late night talk shows! When they came out, they both got a really nice, extended standing ovation from the audience.

They did the Top 10 Good Things About Being Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I just watched it, but didn't bother writing down all of it. I'll copy it over later when it shows up everywhere else.

Not to be too much of a homer, but the Gwynn delivered his share of the list much better than Ripken. Cool as ice, our guy Gwynn is. Cool as ice.

Update [2007-1-11 10:59:17 by Dex]: We got a lot of photos of TV screens lately...

And here's the list, courtesy of our man Drama. Gwynn had the odd numbered ones and Cal had the even. For number 1, Cal set it up and Gwynn delivered the punchline...

  1. While traveling the country, I can shower with any team I choose

  2. Can now advertise my garage sales as "Hall of Fame garage sales"

  3. George Steinbrenner just offered me $20 million to play again

  4. On Bobblehead Day, guess who gets two bobbleheads?

  5. At any moment, there's a good chance Bob Costas is boring someone with stories about me

  6. It's nice to be mentioned in the same breath as Arky Vaughan, Burleigh Grimes, and Gabby Hartnett

  7. Free chalupa from Taco Bell if I mention them in my induction speech

  8. Made all those years playing in southern California's lousy climate worth it

  9. I can now admit I broke my streak in 1998 because I had tickets to "Les Mis"

  10. Get to be on national television-- even if it is this show