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Tales From the TGHOF Press Conference: Confetti is dangerous

Here's yet another photo from the Tony the Gwynn HoF press conference the other day...

The Pad Squad handed out these little red tubes filled with confetti at the press conference. We were supposed to fling the tubes at a certain point during the conference and there would be confetti everywhere.

Good idea, but it didn't quite execute as planned. Somebody - I'm not sure who, though I think it might have been Jane Mitchell's fan club - jumped the gun and set off a chain reaction of confetti early.

Jonny Dub and I being observant of directions and rules held onto ours anticipating the signal. The signal never really came so we figured we'd get a photo of us throwing the confetti on our own.

Pad Squad Vanessa was nice enough to snap the photo of us, but what we didn't realize was that each of those tubes not only held confetti, but little bags of gunpowder that go bang when they hit the ground. Unfortunately for Pad Squad Vanessa, they also go bang when they hit Pad Squad bosom. That look on our faces (especially mine) is a mix of shock and delight. Delight at confetti going everywhere. Shock at the fact that I'd just inadvertently thrown a little bag of gunpowder at one of our friendly neighborhood Pad Squadders.

Left a gunpowder stain on her jersey and everything...

The moral of this story: When Gaslamp Ballers party, sometimes people get capped.