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Dodger Fan is fat and eats too much

Drama sends us a tidbit... Next season, Dodger Fan can pay a premium to get all you can eat food at the park.

A ticket to the right-field pavilion -- at $35 in advance and $40 on game day -- will entitle fans to an endless supply of ballpark staples, including hot dogs, peanuts and soda but excluding beer, which hasn't been sold in the pavilion for years.
On the one hand, there really is no good reason for a hot dog to cost as much as it does, but on the other hand, do I really want to be spending extra money to pay for extra food?

It's not like I need to eat $40 worth of hot dogs and soda and peanuts. Sure, maybe a couple dogs for the price of one would be good, but I'd honestly feel like I'd have to eat 10 or 12 hot dogs before I got my money's worth.

I fear for the fatness that's about to commence in LA.