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Tales from the TGHOF Press Conference: Jane Mitchell

Here's another photo from the press conference yesterday:

That there is Jane Mitchell of Channel 4. The guy in the backpack was standing near us and a bunch of the Madres during the press conference. When he spotted Jane Mitchell, he yelled out in a bit of a high pitched voice, "OH MY GAAAAAWD! IS THAT JANE MITCHELL!?" And then, "No WAY that's Jane Mitchell! Well, maybe it is. Maybe it is. Well, I'm going to say hello!"

And then, you know... He said hello.

Later, he would spot local celebrities and yell out in the same voice. It was some good times.

"Look at him! In the grey shirt! Why, I think that's John KINTERA!"

"Is that... NOOOO... That's JERRY COLEMAN!"

The moral of the story: We need to get a podcast so I can do impersonations. I got a good Rick Sutcliffe.