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Tales from the TGHOF press conference: Pad Squad Anonymous

I'm feeling lazy about writing up the entire thing from yesterday, so I figure I'll just throw in random stories as I happen by my computer. Jonny Dub has thrown some photos up in his diary from the festivities yesterday. He also sent in a few more for me to use. Here's a good one:

Pad Squad Anonymous wanted to remain anonymous, but I looked pretty good in this photo and wanted to put it up anyways... She was complaining something about not wanting her sister to see it cause she didn't look cute, but I was like, eff that... I'm lookin' good and it's my blog, so I'm throwing it up on there.

Update [2007-1-11 11:7:30 by Dex]: I had a really good story up here about Pad Squad Anonymous, but she asked me to take it down cause she was afraid of getting in trouble. Story was about Morgan Ensberg and Scott Linebrink. The moral of the story was pretty good too.

The new moral of the story: The Pad Squad may or may not be run like an Eastern European boarding school on a ship.