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Chrissy Russo interviews the Pad Squad

You're gonna flip, Chrissy Russo interviewing the Pad Squad. This is the perfect storm of hottness. Here's a youtube video from "Outta Left Field". The episode is from awhile back. You've got Chrissy Russo interviewing Jen (chick from 91x) who makes faces everytime you ask her a question. Jen is Pad Squad for a day, but she seems so bored by being a Pad Squadder. Believe you me, if Dex and I were Pad Squadders for a day, we'd be all jacked up. The booty shorts would not be able to contian our excitment.

In this video you'll learn from Pad Squad Kelley the purpose of the Pad Squad.  You'll also learn that Pad Squad girls can hold the water balloon launcher.  Whenever we ask, "Seriously what are dudes doing on the Pad Squad?", the girls tell us they are needed to hold the balloon launcher because they aren't strong enough.  Now we have video proof that they are strong enough and Pad Squad dudes aren't necessary.  

Pad Squad Catherine is holding one side there and Pad Squad Erica (aka Visor Girl) is doing the actual launching. We love Erica, look how jazzed she is after she launches. You can't fake that kinda passion for Pad Squaddin'.