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Things I learned from last night's game:

  • Section 101, Row 10 is a really good view of the game.

  • Trevor Hoffman can actually come into a game that isn't a save situation, get himself into trouble, and get out of trouble again. Weird. That ninth inning had to be the most heart stoppering 9th Trevor appearance I've watched that turned out well.

  • Good players doesn't necessarily mean a win. The Rockies somehow have 8 players all hitting over .300 in the lineup, and yet Clay Hensley, with less than steller stuff and a squeezy small strikezone still managed a gem.

  • The Claw is ridiculous. I swear that the magic of Cla comes in his walking up, taking the bare minimum amount of time to receive the ball and fling it in there. He gets rid of the ball in a game situation as fast as he does when he's warming up.

  • P-Mac the Hammer needs to work on blinking more. He was out of commission after his celebratory home run shaving cream pie to the face for quite a while. I'm thinking a well timed blink would've saved him a trip to the eye drops.
Padres are walking in on the West and trying to sneak away with the wild card. I'm firmly sitting on the fence in terms of whether I want the Wild Card or the West. Sure, I'd rather have the West, but I'd love the Wild Card just as much. The way I figure it, the schedule is so screwed up that winning your own division doesn't really mean that much anyway. The Wild Card is a nice bit of insurance for a team that could easily have won its division, but was screwed by the schedule. Baseball needs to do something to even up the schedule and bring more games back to within the division. And this interleague rival thing is cute, but really unfair. Don't say that 3 or 6 games here and there doesn't make a difference because it does.

I look at this Padres team and I'm almost but not quite convinced. Is this a team good enough to go deep in the postseason? I wonder.