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Tailgating at PETCO Park

Last night, we went tailgating downtown for the first time ever. If you're a downtown tailgating rookie, there are a few things you need to know when you're tailgating at the Pet.

  • CHARCOAL IS NOT ALLOWED - How did nobody tell us this? Our group bought a brand new fancy looking charcoal grill and we had that sucker a blazin' before three orange shirt Ace parking bike cops rolled up on us and told us we weren't allowed to have such a glorious looking fire in the parking lot. We all stood there for a little bit, not knowing what to do. We didn't have any water. Nobody wanted to pour out their drinks. We just stared at the fire for a while. They were seriously harshing the positive vibe that we had going, so we poured one beer on it to put it out and sat sadly as they rode off, wishing us a good day.

  • Six pack cans of soda are really small now - Jbox and I tried to buy a six pack of soda pop, but Ralphs only keeps those really mini cans of soda in stock now. My hand almost completely covered the can. I have small, Chinese hands too. Every time I took a sip, my thumb ended up in my mouth.

  • Tofu sausage tastes just fine cold - With ketchup and mustard wrapped in a bun, it tastes a little like cold lasagna. It semi-saved our little tailgate.

  • Spicy Hot Doritos are not too hot for the parking lot - They'll make you put out flaming coals, but the flaming hot delicious taste of Spicy Hot Doritos is still on the up and up. And let's face it, if eating Spicy Hot Doritos in a parking lot is wrong... I don't ever want to be right.
Eventually, we were able to bum some time on another grill and cook up our sausages proper. Does anybody else have any real tips? I just re-read this and realized that they may not actually be useful.

The moral of the story is bring a propane grill and/or maybe save yourself the $20 to park in that lot when there's free parking on the street and pick up some In-N-Out beforehand instead.