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Rumor Mill

Okay I got some rumors for you folks from a secret source deep within the Padres organization.  

  • There is a gentleman's agreement between Theo Epstein and Kevin Towers.  If David Well's can't pitch due to a pre-existing injury then the deal will be for cash.  If he pitches fine then the deal is for Kotteras.  You heard it here first.
  • Klesko missed a few games in Lake Elsinore during his rehab starts.  He either had a sore back or sore arm... BUT that day he brought a ton of fresh fish to the club house, from a deep sea fishing excursion earlier in the morning.  So his arm/back was fine to cast and reel in big fish, but not okay to play ball?  He's got no focus.

Update [2006-9-5 17:26:43 by jbox]:

Kotteras sent to the Red Sox

The Red Sox on Tuesday acquired minor-league catcher George Kottaras from San Diego to complete the trade that sent pitcher David Wells to the Padres.

Kottaras, 23, was added to the 40-man roster and assigned to Double-A Portland, where he will play for the Sea Dogs in the upcoming Eastern League playoffs, the Red Sox announced.