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Last Night's Game

As Dex mentioned before, we went to the game last night.  We sat in the upper deck front row by the right field foul pole.

At some point during the game the Pad Squad comes up to our level.  It's Pad Squad Austin.  He's throwing a ton of Padres gear to fans.  Foam balls, cracker jacks, chinese stars, syringes, fire crackers, etc.  As he's walking away I yell "AUSTIN!" and I get his attention and he throws me something.  I catch it.  I'm not even sure what it is I have in my hand and Dex asks to see it.  I hand it to him.  He looks at and says, oh it's a baseball card set of the entire 2004 team.  He gives the cards to Fiona's boyfriend as a souvenier of his first baseball game.  Dex says, "you didn't want those right?"  I'm kinda stunned like "No, but it woulda been nice to see what I caught before you gave it away".  We were laughing about it.  I don't collect cards and I really didn't want them, but Dex felt a bit guilty so he asked for them back for me.  Annesley (Fiona's boyfriend) didn't care too much so he gave them back.  Now I feel guilty cuz I have cards that I don't really want and I've just become an Indian Giver in the eyes of the Irish.

Later I walked over to the Rally Bell during the 9th inning.  Pad Squad Kara sees my Retired Numbers shirt and was like "Where'd you get that... wait are you from that website?"  I tried to convince her that we like the Pad Squad and stuff.  I tried to convince her we could be friends.  She responded "Well we're all Padres fans, so I guess."  One day we will win her friendship.

As you all know, Barfy hit a three run homer to win the game.  The crowd went wild.  Some of us urinated in our pants.  We were so happy, but on the way out the Irish Folk wanted a closer look at the field, since it was their first game.  We started walking down to the field and an Usher says "Where do you think you're going?"  Everybody walked past her and I was about to do the same but she stopped me.  I told her that they just wanted to see the field.  I've had a few run ins with this particular usher before.  I swear not 10 minutes have passed since the end of the game and they are in this big of a hurry to get people out of the ballpark?  We go down and another usher tries to kick us out and we ask him to take our picture with the field in the background.  He reluctantly takes the picture and only half jokingly says "Okay now get out of here!"  Some ushers at Petco are extremely helpful and nice, others are a real pain.  Maybe the Pads should look into getting some ushers that aren't old and crusty and don't nag you when you are trying to enjoy the ball park.  Just a thought.

We thought about going to the Field after the game to show Dex's Irish friends what an authentic Irish Pub experience was like, but ended up going to Moose's so we could sit outside.  It was still pretty hot out at night and we needed the fresh air.  As we sat there, Annesley told us about his experience driving around the world from Dublin to Sydney.  Dex and I were totally crushing on him.  

Another great night of Padres baseball.