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Towers and Bochy: Birds of a feather

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Gaslampballer Drama sent me a really good article this morning about the brotherly yet vaguely gay relationship between Towers and Bochy. I think I'd like to hang out with Bochy. I'm pretty sure that if I dared him just right, I could get him to do some insane sh_t.

Here's Towers on Bochy's insanity:

Sometimes he's crazy. We walked to the Golden Gate Bridge once. It must have been a 10-mile walk. The walk almost killed him. But he stands there and tells me that he thinks he can jump off the bridge and survive. I tell him only a few people have ever survived that jump, but he doesn't think it's that tough.
Seriously, what? Jbox and I have a similar relationship. Like sometimes, we'll be walking by Randy Jones BBQ and we'll see the literally impossible to eat Big Dawg cooking in the window and I'll say something crazy just to get a rise out of the jbox. Like I might say, "I could totally eat that hot dog right now." Who knows if I could actually do it, but I say it just to prove that I'm more of a man than he is. He'll say things equally ludicrous. Like we'll see three or four hot chicks and he'll tell me that he can walk within three feet of them and not pee in his pants. Then we laugh at the idea of even doing such crazy crap.

Check the rest of the article out though. Very interesting stuff.