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Magic Number

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I'm a little confused by this magic number thing.  Somebody help me out here.


If the Padres win tonight and the Dodgers lose, San Diego would clinch a tie for the division title, which would make it the champion, because it won the season series with L.A.

Based on these rules: ML Rule 33 and ML Rule 34

So as long as Philly doesn't win the wild card, then the Padres will clinch with a magic number of 2 right?  Isn't the post season magic number one?  Because right now we have at least guaranteed a playoff game with Philly?

CBS Play Off Race:

#  If two teams from the same division are tied but both assured of playing in the postseason, then the first tiebreaker will be their 2006 head-to-head to determine which is the division champ and which is the wild-card winner.
# If three teams finish the season with the same winning percentage and one team will be a division winner and another will be the wild-card winner, the games will be played as follows:
  1. The two teams tied for the division lead will play a one-game tiebreaker, with the winner being declared the division champion.
  2. The losing team will then play the team from the other division for the wild card.