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Today we are Rockies fans

We have a real good chance of making the playoffs but I want the NL West.  Real bad.  Therefore, today I will be watching gamecast with great interest as the Rockies beat down the Dodgers today around noon.  

A great Padres series with the Cardinals.  We played well and got lucky when we didn't.  Our luck ran out last night.  I kinda wanted Bochy to walk Pujols, but you take your chances either way.  Bochy for the record said he would have walked him if he didn't have Cla.  You weren't really suppose to have Cla because it was his day off.  

We're gonna need Linebrink to stop getting us in trouble.  Maybe next time if Linebrink gets in trouble we bring in the greatest closer of all time.  Although Hoffman has been working alot of innings recently and doesn't do nearly as well when he is brought in mid-inning.  

Who's our go to relief pitcher when Hoffy, Cla and Linebrink aren't available or performing?  

Adkins?  Embree?