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Trevor Hoffman can't get no respect

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This USA Today article on Hoffy is really good, but has one very strange aspect to it... When asked the poll question, "Who is the greatest closer in baseball history?", Trevor Hoffman comes in dead last in a list of seven closers!!! INCLUDING LEE SMITH!?!

OK seriously... This east coast bias thing is starting to get ridiculous. How does the rest of America not know who Trevor Hoffman is? Am I San Diego biased because I don't think Mariano Rivera is all that great? The only time I've ever seen Mariano pitch in person was game 7 of the 2001 World Series and let's just say he's oh fer one in save opportunities when I'm watching.

Is that what people are basing it on? The All-Star game this year and the big deal that ESPN made in the week following? WAKE UP BASEBALL FANS. Trevor Hoffman is awesome.

The rest of America is missing a great thing.