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When Bochy wants gout he eats deer and Khalil's finger is healed


Both Wells and Bochy have suffered several times from gout, a painful inflammation of the big toe and foot caused by defects in uric-acid metabolism.

"You can get it if you eat a lot of rich foods," Bochy said. Gout caused Bochy, an outdoorsman, to cut back on his venison intake. "If I want to get (gout), I eat wild game," he said.

Why would he want to get gout?  How much venison was Bochy inhaling?  I was watching this show about how Sasquatch lure deer into a bottleneck then as they try to run away another Sasquatch swats their legs out from under them.  Then they break their neck and eat their liver.  I imagine Bochy and Wells doing something similar to this.  

So remember, if you want to get gout, eat wild game.

Also, Khalil's finger has miracuously healed. He must have been watching Blum tear it up both on offense and defense and been like "I'm gonna lose my job... beep... boop.. beep... must play again".

I was just thinking yesterday that we haven't missed him too much in the last month. Khalil doesn't have a real good idea of the strike zone and seems to always swing at bad pitches. Don't get me wrong, he can hammer the ball, but his stance is always changing and he approaches the strike zone different every at bat. There just doesn't seem to be that consistency. Anyway Rettenmund is psyched.

Said hitting coach Merv Rettenmund: ?He was fantastic. I can't explain it. A week ago, he was really hurting. Today, he was fantastic.?