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We met Clay Hensley and he's cute !!

A email I received from a Clay Hensley fan:

Hey boys,

You won't believe what happened!  I met my boyfriend Clay Hensley down in Pacific Beach.  I heard some of the Padres hang out down there.  My friends and I ran into security trying to get to the upper levels where the Padres hang out.  The security man said "Where you girls going?", we were like "We're going to meet Clay" and can you believe it?  They let us!  We saw Mike Piazza, Josh Barfield, Shawn Estes, Jake Peavy and Clay Hensley.

We took our picture with Piazza and he said "Now don't go put this picture on Myspace", but we did anyway, because we are party girls.

OMG!  Shawn Estes is soooo nice and he's cute.  He talked about his cute wife and kids too, so it's not like he was even trying to maul us either.

People told me before hand that Clay Hensley is real a jerk, but he was nice to us.  They told us that he takes his shirt off in bars to show off his abs and that he has short man's complex but he was totally cool with us.  We think short guys with spikey hair are hecka cute.

Piazza played drums and sang "Enter Sandman" he was really good. Clay sang also, but we don't love him for his voice.

When we were taking the picture with Clay, Peavy yelled "Clay's got a big dick!" and jumped in the picture with us.  We thought that was kinda random.  LOL!  Do you think he does? LOL!