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Open Thread, 9/25: Padres vs Cardinals

Friggin' Cardinals, dude. Seriously... the redbirds couldn't win one game against the Astros? These are the Astros, dude. Just win one against them. Who even knows if the Astros know what they're doing? Why even give them hope?

As it is, now the Cardinals have to ensure some victories over the next week. Granted, they got the Brewers after us, so LaRussa may be counting on those games to polish things off, but still... It would've been nice to have gone into St. Louis against a team looking to rest its starters in preparation for the post season.

Let's be solid here. Let's take a couple of wins here. The pressure is on the Dodgers, but we can do a lot for ourselves with some strong showings.

Oh and David Wells has gout, which almost, but not quite, completes the Padres collection of rare and strange ailments that a team can collect over the course of the year.