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Best Series Ever

I was fortunate to go to all three games of the series this weekend. I loved being there for all of them, even though our seats for the Saturday night game were insanely far away from anything that even smelled like a baseball game. As evidenced by the photo:

When you get to the very very very back row of the upper deck of the stadium, there are seats at the end of the stairway. It may look like I'm putting my foot up on the rail to relax, but it was actually to stabilize myself from the vertigo. I was afraid of falling and/or getting dizzy from the height and throwing up. All three of us (me, Jess and jbox) were winded getting up to our seats, which actually made me feel pretty good considering the fact that jbox climbed Mt. Whitney this week and Jess just got done hiking 250 miles of the Appalachian Trail. What was I doing while they were both challenging the elements? I was eating corn dogs... and partying.

Anyways, how often are you gonna have three games in the same series where you can actually keep all three stubs for? Chris Young taking a no-hitter into the 9th. Trevor tying the record the next night, and Trevor setting the record the night after that.

Here's what I'll remember about this weekend:

  • Watching Chris Young get that first out in the 9th and realizing that if he were to get two more outs, there was a really good possibilty that I would throw up.

  • Meeting Gaslamp Baller Drama and his lurker buddy for a t-shirt hookup... Listening to their stories about how they hang out with Padres and realizing that maybe they should probably be writing diaries about that... but then further realizing that if they did, people might not read the random stuff jbox and I have to say.

  • Eating a Diego Dog. It had cabbage and pico de gallo in it. I think if it had avocado, it would be better, but then they'd probably charge $9 for it instead of $6.50. I need to make a note to remind myself to bring sliced avocado to the next game.

  • Watching Trevor Hoffman start to cry a little while he was getting recognized. I started to get a little misty myself.

  • That rad Hell's Bells trophy. If you missed it, it was a golden bell in a glass stand with hell fire etchings in the glass. It was very cool looking.

  • Getting about 150 temporary tattoos from Scott the usher. I'm gonna look like some kinda motorcycle gang once I got all this ink on me.
So many fun times. So many fun times. Our magic number is 6. I am psyched psyched psyched.