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Padres open up a 1.5 game lead

  • Padres win, Dodgers lose.  Padres with a 1.5 game lead in the NL West.  Phillies win and take over the lead in the NL Wildcard race.
  • Trevor Hoffman ties Lee Smith with 478 career saves.  Ah Rollin' Thuuunda!
  • Chan Ho Park is back.
    "I'm ready to be in the bullpen," Park said. "One or two innings, I will do my best. We'll see, you know? It makes it more special being in a pennant [race]."

    No word yet, if his entrails will slip out of his jersey if he pitches. Oh Scott Williamson is back too.
  • I gave Randy Jones a Gaslamp Ball t-shirt, he gave me knuckles as a thank you.  I thought it kinda strange that he acted like he already knew about the shirts, but it turned out Gaslamp Baller Christina had already showed off her shirt to him.    Gaslamp Ballers are everywhere now!  In the last few days Dex, Jonny Dub and I have met a lot of you.  Dex and I met Drama and lurker Brian.  Tonight I met CMStrapz and his wife. KEViN saw Dex but got nervous (just kidding).  Jonny Dub ran into Emcee Emerson and some others at the SD Beer Fest.  Dex and I were talking tonight how we were blown away by how nice all of you readers are.  Thanks for not beating us up or anything, we appreciate it.
  • The Onion: This has nothing to do with Baseball but cracked Dex and I up today.