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Gaslamp Ball T-Shirts

Dear Gaslamp Ballers,

Our new set of Retired Numbers t-shirts came in. Shirts cost 10 bucks if we meet you in person, and 15 bucks if we have to mail it. Email me at dex at with your size and mailing address and I'll email you a pay pal bill.

Jbox and I will be at the game tonight. We will have t-shirts on us. If you have ordered a t-shirt and paid us, it is likely sitting in an envelope right now, but if you want... We can bring it to the game with us tonight.

If you have not ordered a t-shirt, look for us at the game. Ten dollars gets you one. I will be wearing a brown members only jacket and a mustard and brown cap. Jbox is tall and f_ckin' dreeaaaamy.

Sorry we suck at this.

Your friend,