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Mirabelli and Towers are like a couple of middle school girls

So basically, kind of out of the blue, Towers decided to take shots at Mirabelli behind his back. Unfortunately for the maturity of everybody involved who actually is older than 15, Towers decided to gossip to Tim Sullivan of the UT who seriously can't keep his mouth shut.

"He called (Dave) Roberts (when Mirabelli was traded) and said, 'I guess I'm getting called back to the big leagues,' " Towers said before Monday's game with the Dodgers. "I'm glad I didn't hear that. . . . I don't miss him. These guys don't miss him."
And so Mirabelli was all like, "Nu-UH! Yo, he did not say that. Oh no he di'nt!" As evidenced here:
``It's always been known that airing your laundry in the media is not good business. For some reason, he chose Doug Mirabelli as a guy he really has strong ill feelings toward."
Mirabelli would not address the allegation that he asked out of a game.

``I'd rather not elaborate on that," Mirabelli said. ``Like I said, there are things he said that I don't think were totally accurate. It was unprovoked and it had nothing to do with anything except taking a whack at Doug Mirabelli.

``Hopefully I won't get crucified over one person's opinion of Doug Mirabelli. The Red Sox brought me back and obviously they didn't feel that way about me."
My take on this is that it was probably really bad form for Towers to be talking smack about a player that's gone and that we were able to benefit from (Bard and the Claw). That being said, anybody who isn't Ricky Henderson and talks in the third person as much as Doug Mirabelli apparently does... Well he's just asking for it.