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quietly... quietly... we're in first place again

Well, as the standings will show today, a win in a game with back to back to back to back home runs apparently only counts as one win and not for much else. There was a really interesting thing psychologically that happened there. Had last night's outcomes been reversed (Dodgers win and Padres loss), then we would've heard all kinds of stuff about how Monday night was a turning point and how the Padres were devastated by the loss and the Dodgers received a boost of momentum. As it turns out, we can say that the Dodgers experienced a let down game and the Padres were fired up after the loss.

Regardless, we're now a half a game up in the standings again. And we did it without all of the obnoxious fanfair and ego boosting and strutting. Honestly, that spectacle on Monday night was so pompous. I mean, you can go to Little Ceasar's or you can go to Chuck E. Cheese for your crap pizza and in the end, sure maybe you want to go to Chuck E. Cheese cause you like playing in huge bins of rubber balls, but if you're just starving for pizza, then either will do.

Late in the season... My analogies really really start to not make sense.