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Something I heard from Jes?s...

I been partying a lot recently cause my wife's on a trip and in the course of my partying (and prepartying and postpartying) I learn some things. I limit my intake of intoxicating beverages so's I can stay sharp and that allows me to hear things.

For example, I was talking to a guy who was seriously f_cking sh_t faced at O'Connells who only identified himself as Jes?s. Me and Jes?s were talking about the Padres and supposedly, he knows some things. Jes?s says that the clubhouse wasn't so mad about the fact that Kottaras got traded for Wells because the word in the clubhouse is that some of the players thought Kottaras was a female private part. I'll spare you the french term for it, but apparently, Kottaras is 6'0" if he were standing in 3 inch heels and he's 180lbs soaking wet and after eating 20 pounds worth of cheesecake. And on top of that, apparently the guy was always soaking wet.

Keep in mind, this is what Jes?s says, and not me. I thought Kottaras was a perfectly fine prospect. I wasn't so sad about losing him just because if there's one type of player that Towers can identify talent in, it's catchers. Backstops as they call them in the business.

David Wells was a welcome addition because that guy is the balls. Good for clubhouse morale to have a guy like that handling your social engagements. And I guess he can throw the ball while we wait to see if Chan Ho Park will ever recover from whatever's ailing him.