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Open Thread, 9/19: Padres vs Diamondbacks

Clay Hensley goes for us against Livan Hernandez in the start of the last homestand at Petco.

One last thing about last night, just to be clear and then I'll try and forget about it for a little bit... I know that there was a lot of bitterness on my part and perhaps some negativity, including "outright sniping" as some would put it, but make no mistake, I appreciated the game last night for the spectacle of it all. It may have been one of the most amazing games ever played and the only thing I'm bummed about is the fact that we had to lose it. Though it was disappointing, it was nothing if not entertaining (except for that last little bit).

However, keep in mind some of the reasons why it was so unbelievable (all the homeruns at the end notwithstanding). It was unbelieveable because it was Jake Peavy who every other day will kill the Dodgers. It was unbelievable because Trevor Hoffman gave up home runs to blow a save, which ruined a streak of 24 straight saves against them. It was unbelievable because the Dodgers don't normally hit home runs like that.

Basically, it was so amazingly unbelievable because it was unimaginable. And it was unimaginable because the Padres own the Dodgers. This is one case where if there was a David and a Goliath, the Padres are actually Goliath and the Dodgers were a little kid throwing stones.

So sure... It makes for a good story that Dodger Fan can tell at bedtime, but today's a new day and the fact of the matter is, last night was not normal and after the fact, all it did was switch the standings by a single game. There's plenty left to go.

Now... The Diamondbacks...

While you watch the game, keep in mind that a win tonight means we're in first place again and that'll be all that really matters. (errrr... plus a dodger loss... gettin' ahead of myself...)