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There's got to be a morning after

And here we are. The boat got turned upside down, but there's always an upside, even if it's the bottom of the boat. Take that for what it's worth because I'm not sure what it means.

In a weird way, it's comforting for me to read comments and see Gaslamp Ballers getting aggro and to see Jonny Dub breaking out his fairweather rally cap again by giving up on the Padres for like the 17th year in a row. At least I know I'm not alone in my shock and everybody seems to be behaving as I would expect them to.

I also don't mind so much punkass Dodger Fan showing up and talking a little bit of trash. As a San Diegan, having gone to any type of sporting event in San Diego, I'm used to extremely vocal supporters of the other team showing up en masse. It comes with the territory. I mean, let's face it... I know for a fact that we have Gaslamp Ballers who check out the site and hang out regularly, but who's primary allegiances are with other clubs. Smooth Jazz Man, thenerdhater, bondsbeliever, there's a few Mets fans, a Royals fan (which is insane to me) and others that I'm not recalling right off.

So when Dodger fan starts off on you about how that game was the greatest game in Dodger history, just remember a few things...

  • The Dodgers needed a miracle... Literally a miracle, to beat the Padres and bring their record against us to a respectable 5-13 for the year. Good job Dodgers. You gotta sell your souls to the devil and even then wait on an act of God to get that 5th win.

  • If Dodger fan tells you they were at the game, then there's a really really really really good chance that they didn't get to see the miracle, because Dodger Fan usually leaves in the 7th after the beach balls are gone and Dodger Fan definitely makes their way to the exit in the 9th if they're down. The only people left were die hard, and you gotta respect that considering the smell of urine in Chavez Ravine must have been unbearable at that point. They were troopers. Or really drunk. Or waiting to go commit some crimes in the local neighborhood afterwards.

  • The Padres are now half a game back in the West and a game and a half up in the Wild Card. We're still totally in it and there's plenty of baseball left. We need to roll the D'Backs and the Pirates and hope that they do the same thing to the Dodgers. Also, going into the end of the season, we're Rockies and Giants fans. Be nice to your local Rockies Fan. Do good things for your local Giants Fan. Whatever it takes to keep the f_cking Dodgers out of the postseason.

  • It may seem like God is a Dodger fan right now what with allowing a miracle to happen, but keep in mind that nothing holy can root for a team that has J.D. Drew and Jayson Werth in the same place at the same time. Also, Nomar's fits and seizures before even getting into the batters box... That's evil and should be looked down upon.
The moral of the story is that now's not the time to pull a Jonny Dub and bail on your team. Let's prove something over the next 6 games and make people think about the Dodger miracle as something whimsical that happened en route to a Padres post season.

The other moral of the story is that Mariano Duncan is a little bitch.