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Rob Neyer makes no sense

NL wild card looks like a Padres-Giants affair by Rob Neyer

Four of the eight playoff teams are apparently set, and two others -- the Tigers and the Dodgers -- are nearly so.

The Dodgers are only 1.5 games up on us and we play them this weekend and the Dodgers nearly have it locked?  We play them in a three four game series and we have swept them the last 2 series.  The Pads are 11-3 vs. the Dodgers and somehow in Neyer's mind they are nearly a lock?  

The Pads are 1.5 up on the Giants, so why aren't we set as the Wild Card winner?  It just doesn't make any sense. He only uses his horrible logic when it favors the Dodgers.

It's like one of those SAT Questions.  The Dodgers are to the Padres as the ___ are to the ___.  The correct answer is the Padres are to the Giants.  Both teams are are ahead by 1.5 and both are owned by the team beneath them.

The Wild Card and the NL West are up for grabs it's that simple.