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Petco Report Card

Well the grades are in and Petco is the 21st best ballpark according to the fans.

It's kinda disappointing that we have a ballpark a couple years old and we are ranked so low.

The Skinny:  Here's what we don't understand: After years of delays, you build a spiffy new ballpark, tie it in with local history via a unique old building next to the park, offer plenty of family-friendly sections and activities and even build a playoff-caliber club. Then you go and shake down the fans for every last penny at the concession stands. What, the ticket prices aren't high enough? Did the Padres need to feel a kinship with their higher-priced baseball brethren in San Francisco? For a park that, for all of its comforts, carries a strong scent of corporate America, it would have been nice if a day at the stadium were priced with the families in mind instead of the fat cats sitting in the luxury boxes.

So true.  F'n fat cat execs!  

I voted in this poll a few months ago while it was still going on.

Here's how I voted:


How expensive is stadium parking?
* FREE: 5%

Is public transportation a viable option?
* Worth it if you have a lot of time and patience: 23%

How would you rate traffic getting to and from the game?
* Aside from the occasional bottleneck, it's good: 38%

From the game:
* Aside from the occasional bottleneck, it's good: 34%

I've always been able to find free street parking, but I don't mind walking a good half mile through homeless infested back alleys.  It's nice to have the Trolley there, but it takes a good 45-60 minutes to actually get downtown from Mission Valley.  I don't have the patience for that sorta thing.  That's a long night if you take public transportation back and forth.  If you know the right way to get in and out of downtown you can escape most traffic.


How would you rate the number of restrooms for men and women?
* It depends on your section: 9%

How long is the wait to use a bathroom?
* 1-5 minutes: 38%

How would you rate the variety of food/beer concession options?
* A nice variety but locations are spread out: 45%

How much will a meal at the ballpark cost you?
* $10-$20: 61%

How would you rate the entertainment options aside from the game?
* So many games/promotions and scoreboard highlights that the game is lost in the background: 7%

Petco has plenty of bathrooms I just don't think they are big enough.  As a guy I think it's normal to never wait in line, so when I do have to wait in line I'm not satisfied.  Cleanliness is an issue too with all the traffic.

There's a good variety of food, but I have a hard time spending over 10 bucks for ballpark food.  There are some pretty good values if you get the right thing but the basics (hot dog, pizza, fish taco, coke) will put you in the $8-10 range.  There's plenty of food that looks good but you are gonna spend $10-20+.  I'd grab something to eat before the game if I were you, you aren't missing out on anything.

The entertainment (besides the game) alright. I've already complained about this before, but I think it depends on where your seats are. Sometimes the music, lights, scoreboard, claps can drive you insane. I like the Pad Squad though.

Here's the entire list.  Angels Stadium is the best?  That's more then a little bit surprising.  I've never been, but I've never heard anybody really blown away with the place.