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Today's Links

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  • USA Today is already looking forward to weekend series at Dodger Stadium.  Rotations are being shuffled to maximize the brutality of the series.
  • Ducksnorts: Geoff suggests the nickname "Russell the Muscle" for Branyan. Here's a link via ducksnorts comments that I didn't see. Fox Sports ask us to imagine a rotation that includes Peavy and Zito.  
    The Padres' problem in trying to land Zito is that his agent, Scott Boras, will frown upon the famed "San Diego discount," in which players take less money to play for the Padres.
  • If you're real Pervy you may be interested in purchasing Melissa Lima's infamous dress on eBay.
    It is 13" across at the bust.  Obviously, there is considerable stretch and give in this material.

    Obviously.  Link via The Red Reporter