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What's Bob Dylan's Favorite Baseball Team?

Corporate Magazines still suck:

So what's Bob Dylan's favorite baseball team, anyway?  "The problem with baseball teams is all the players get traded, and what your favoite team used to be -- a couple of guys you really liked on the team, they're not on the team now -- and you can't possibly make that team your favorite team.  It's like your favorite uniform.  I mean... yeah... I like Detroit.  Though I like Ozzie [Guillen] as a manager.  And I don't know how anybody can't like Derek [Jeter].  I'd rather have him on my team than anybody."

I can see why Dylan might like Jeter.  They both have something in common:

Derek: I'm more into R&B and hip hop. I really like Alicia Keys.
Dylan:  "I remember seeing Alicia Keys on the Grammys. I think I was on the show with her, I didn't meet her or anything. But I said to myself, 'There's nothing about that girl I don't like.'"

I'll tell you why I don't like Derek Jeter.  Jeter is just a sum of his parts.  I don't like fade hair cuts.  I don't like guys that everybody likes, how can you trust somebody like that?  

I like the guys that are imperfect, that have something to overcome.  All Jeter has ever done is succeed.  That's a boring story.  I like the guy who may be the greatest singles hitter of all time who can't control his weight.  Now that is a story!