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Open Thread, 10/9: MUST WIN GAME ALERT! IT SCORES A 10 OUT OF 9!!!

Well, it's finally catching up to us. We have a must win game today. This weekend would have been the perfect opportunity for us to put the Giants well behind us, but now we have some work ahead of us. A loss today would cut our lead in the wild card to a precarious .5 a game. Let's get proactive. What can we do as fans while they're away? Light a candle and look at some links:

  • Is Peavy taking a more active role as leader? After the first game this series, he called out his team:
    "That's borderline embarrassing the way we got beat," Peavy said. "We were down 2-0 the majority of the night, and it felt like we were down 5-0. I'm not sure why that was. We just didn't have the enthusiasm and drive we had the last five days."
    He also whined a little, though really... Can you blame him?
    "I get Cy Young just about every time out," bemoaned Peavy.... "It's no fun. It's hard not to get frustrated when you're constantly on the short end of the stick."
    OK. Let's sack up, dude. Here... grab a tissue... Jeez.

  • Headline from the U-T: Band from Boston praises Meredith. At first I thought the Dropkick Murphys were going to write a song about The Claw for some reason, but then I read the article and it's just Theo Epstein and those guys crying over the Mira-quit-lookin-at-my-Belly for Storytime and The Claw trade. I keep telling you. Kevin Towers knows two things: backup catchers and middle relievers. If you go into a trade with Kevin Towers, you'd do ten times better for yourself if you didn't deal in backup catchers and middle relievers, because KT is a filthy criminal in those areas. Filthy. I do like sticking it to Boy Genius though. Fun times.

  • I really like the nickname Scientific Calculator for Khalil Greene as in Dude busts more digits than a.... It seems to fit with his personality and the fact that he can't help but bust digits. I'm going to start a personal effort to get that mainstreamed.

  • Baseball Think Factory discusses the Cy Young for Trevor Hoffman. San Diego has the most extreme love/hate relationship in regards to Trevor. Everybody in the universe loves Trevor Time yet for years, San Diego fans have been wondering how long that clock's going to keep ticking. We may have to revisit this later, but is there an NL pitcher that you can make a better Cy Young case for?
Fantastic lineup of football today, boys and girls... I can't wait to watch me some Saints at Browns or some Broncos at Rams or umm... Cowboys at Jaguars... Hmmm...

Yeah, you should be watching Padres vs Giants today.