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Gaslamp Ball T-Shirts for sale! Oh. Snap.

Do you enjoy yourself some Gaslamp Ball? Do you crush on Gaslamp Ballers? Do you wish that you could go to the game and not only identify other Gaslamp Ballers, but also identify yourself as a Gaslamp Baller? Do you wish to identify yourself as a Gaslamp Baller, but only in the most obscure way possible?

Well, peep this...

Now, we're not gonna tell you what the numbers mean. Because as a Padres fan, you should know. But look at how stylin' that shirt is. Are you having trouble picking up the ladies? Not anymore. Get a t-shirt.

And look at that one. That's me holding a cantaloupe. How did I make that look cool? I'll tell you how. It's that t-shirt.

Now kids... Don't smoke. Smoking is crazy bad for you. However, if you do decide to throw caution to the wind like any decent Gaslamp Baller would, then make sure you smoke in the Smoking version of our numbers t-shirt. How did I make something so dangerous for your health look even more dangerous? The correct answer is the t-shirt.

And that's a picture of me wearing the t-shirt backwards so's that you can see what's on the back. Tell your friends. TELL THEM.

How do you get one of these? Here's the details:

E-Mail me at dex at gaslampball dot com. The t-shirts will set you back $10. TEN BUCKS. You probably have at least ten bucks in change in an old tequila bottle somewhere. Keep in mind that we're not in the business of selling t-shirts. We only made these because we thought they'd be kinda cool. The print run on these is extremely limited, so if you even have an inkling of wanting one, I'd get the e-mail in quick.

I'm three steps away from setting up a PayPal account, but if you're in San Diego, we'll take cash or check at the next homestand also. You seriously have to bear with us as we're doing all of this ourselves and are planning on taking a little bit of a loss on the whole thing because of how bad at math we are.

So... e-mail me. Comment here if you'd like. We'll work out the details, but it's $10 a t-shirt. If you don't want to pay for shipping, then we'll meet you at a game or something. If you want to trade something for the t-shirt, then make sure it's something me and jbox can share.

Just a warning... If you're a girl and you want to wear a size small (I'm wearing a large in the pictures), then you gotta keep in mind that the numbers 6 and 42 will get lost on the sides of your boobs. But that's OK cause those are the Dodgers anyway.

Buy a t-shirt! Support Gaslamp Ball! Black is the new black!

Update [2006-9-24 1:27:43 by jbox]:

If you want the t-shirt mailed to you, then shipping and handling is 5 bucks. So 15 bucks total.