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Here's how to revolutionize baseball...

  1.  The pitcher can throw at any time.  There are no time outs for the batter to step out of the box.  You better hustle out of the on deck circle cuz that next pitch could be coming in.  It's up to the batter to be ready.  Actually while were at it let's have no time outs at all.  So when players slide into a base and get dirt down there pants and into their jock, they have deal with it on their own time.  No reason to stop the game for something like that.  
  2.  The game starts with teams trading off innings like a regular game, except when one team gets the lead.  Once they take the lead they play defense until the end of the game or until the lead changes. Cuz think about it why do you need the offense to pile on runs when you are already in the lead?  You would still get nine half innings of offense if you needed them though.  You'd get a really tired pitcher with no breaks, shorter games and tighter scores.  It'd be like a baseball revolution.
  3.  Anybody in uniform can play.  So pretty much all the coaches, bat boys and the like can fill in when needed.